Brenda Lenard

Brenda Lenard

The Time Has Come!

There are those generations which define the times and the age in which they exist because of their actions and their belief in something extraordinary.  Higher ideals forged in the fiery furnace of courage, hope and history; embracing the heritage of these United States, clutching it tightly to their heartbeats as enduring truths.

We know that the current path of national failure charted by the current Federal Government does not have to be followed unto the tragic end which is certain.  We know that men and women in liberty can and will take their nation back and make it, once again, of the people, by the people and for the people!

These are the desires that burn in the heart of all who read these words, that perhaps all which is required is for there to be a mantle bearer of hope and of trust.  One who is both of you and is for you, the people of this great nation we call home.

Brenda Lenard from the Volunteer State of Tennessee is just such a standard bearer for our American ideals and guiding principles.  Bound by the grip of a never ending hope, a belief in brighter tomorrows, of a glorious city upon a hilltop and in a land where liberty and the rule of law are equally applied to all men and to all women, regardless of name, stature or position.

Brenda Lenard, is a direct reflection of America at her best!  Because she believes that those who pass the laws should serve under the laws.  That he who has sought the highest office in the land should be about serving the people and not serving himself of his anti-American ideology.  That the best relationship between the citizenry and their government is when the former makes the latter quake in its boots, not the other way around; and the power to change the course of human history is fostered in the belief that each man and each woman has a right to not live in fear of their elected officials.

The time, America, is now!  Brenda Lenard is the standard bearer for whom Tennessee and America have been waiting!



Brenda Lenard, a steadfast Constitutional Conservative running for the United States Senate in the State of Tennessee!

A leader who is as passionate as she is exceptional; whose diverse experiences in the private sector, academia and non-profit interests have developed within her a wealth of experience and a broad knowledge base upon which to draw.  Regardless the challenge, no matter what the arena, Brenda Lenard has made a habit of facing the future head-on—and succeeding.

As a child she once called a condemned building "home," a less than ideal beginning.  But with the values imparted to her by her mother, Lenard graduated cum laude, from Beulah Heights University with a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Education and a minor in Leadership. Not content with this outstanding accomplishment, Brenda proceeded to enroll at Kennesaw State University, earning a Master's Degree in Public Administration.  Currently, Lenard is completing the dissertation phase of doctoral studies in Political Science at the University of Tennessee -Knoxville.

It is this perspective of humility and hard work, of having deep faith and strong core values that Brenda brings to everything she undertakes.  In this way and because of her intense love of the country that has given her the freedom to achieve; this is why on January 15, 2013 Brenda Lenard made the decision to run for the United States Senate for the Volunteer State of Tennessee!

America is confronted with grave long-term issues in the realm of the nation's economy and quality of life. With long-term unemployment crippling our nation's economic growth, a staggering education gap looming, and reckless speeding by the federal government.  What our current brand of politicians is doing to our country is not sustainable and must be brought to a decisive end.

True to her past undertakings and achievements, Brenda is making an impressive showing by providing bold leadership and a clear alternative to the status-quo, by anchoring herself to two key pillars of our nation:  Liberty and The Rule of Law.  Brenda believes that nothing in our nation will happen for the good without these two founding principles being claimed, once again. 

As evidenced she is applying this truth to issues such as the education, tax reform and national security; the cornerstone issues of her campaign.  Of course, she is also taking a strong stand on matters such as the economy, wasteful spending, social security, health care reform, immigration and energy independence.

For these reasons, and so much more, Brenda Lenard is by far and away the clear and Constitutional Conservative choice for the State of Tennessee and for these United States.  For these reasons that we invite you to read further and learn more about her vision of America, her vision for America and how you can be a part of making that vision of liberty, law and opportunity a reality for all.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Federal Government has poked us all in the chest one too many times and told us that they know better.  The Federal Government has made so many of our brothers and sisters in this great nation afraid; cowering in fear of persecution.  Ladies and gentlemen, the “get-along” crowd in the Senate must go if we are to ever reclaim our God given rights as a free people, as Americans. 

No more!  The time has come to shrug off the shackles of this ever hardening tyranny from the federal government.  The time for Brenda Lenard is here, but only if you join the battle and stand by her side as citizens who are willing to lay claim to the exceptional heritage of these United States of America!




Her life is a testament of the American dream --Lenard knows and understands the American traditions of hard work, community service, and strong values very well, because those are the same values she was born, raised, and educated with. Her American values and common-sense are a testament to the work she strives to accomplish such as the promotion of individual liberty, economic opportunity and a smaller federal government.  Brenda Lenard believes in America and the people which make up this great nation.

Brenda Lenard grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with a loving mother and five siblings and little else. Her mother worked a variety of jobs . Even though these jobs required hard work and little glamour, her mother knew this life was better than the dirt farms upon which she grew up. She also stressed to her children that hard work was the key to achieving their American Dreams.

Lenard’s mother had two dreams. First, she wanted to move her children out of the condemned building they called "home" and into their own house. Secondly, she wanted her children to graduate from college. As a single parent of six, these aspirations might have seemed lofty, but she knew that if she kept her faith in God, faith in one another and faith in the greatest nation on the Earth, nothing was impossible.

The first dream was realized in a rural community on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. After years of saving from her many jobs, Lenard’s mother surprised the entire family, by purchasing a home for their family.



The second dream was realized when Lenard graduated cum laude from Beulah Heights Bible College with a degree in biblical studies and leadership in 2005.

Inspired by the work ethic and character of her mother, Lenard continued her education by earning her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Kennesaw State University while working full-time and raising three small children. She is currently completing her dissertation in Political Science and Evaluation Measurements and Statistics from the University of Tennessee- Knoxville. Though Lenard enjoys using her talents in academia, she has gravitated towards the culture of public service.

Lenard began her professional career in private banking as a private bank advisor for Heritage Bank. After considerable success at Heritage bank, she moved to MCI. Within a short period of time, Lenard rose to position of HSE supervisor. Although the comforts of a corner office seemed gratifying, Lenard new that she needed a challenge

She became the chief executive officer of a mid-size construction firm. This meant starting from the “ground up,” operating and maintaining heavy equipment and general labor. Lenard was assigned to grow the new start-up in an overcrowded and competitive industry. Within two years, the firm was boasting a consistent track record of improving efficiency, maximizing profits whilst minimizing costs.

Energized by overcoming the many obstacles of her job at Blend Construction, Inc. , Lenard took on the greatest challenge of her adult life, both personally and professionally.

Following the death of her six month old son due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), she founded and serves as the Chair of National Strategy for Daniel's Dream for Children's Awareness, Inc. An organization committed to heighten public awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Not content to take a permanent leave of absence after her highly successful business career and the death of her six month old son Daniel, due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Lenard founded and serves as the Chair of National Strategy of Daniel's Dream for Children Awareness, Inc. An non-profit organization committed to heighten public awareness and public awareness of SIDS.

Under Lenard's administration, the Daniel's Dream for Children's Awareness has grown significantly; Lenard has been recognized for her advocacy by the American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute. Her non-profit successes garnered the respect and admiration of industry peers who named her to the advisory board of Middle Tennessee State University.



The pillars of Lenard’s campaign are:  Liberty; Law; Lenard.

Liberty is that desire, written upon our hearts by our Creator, which compels all men and all women to yearn for freedom, to not be under the heel of man-made institutions.  For within the confines of liberty all people can pursue their passions and their ambitions as they see fit, not as assigned by some bureaucrat in a cubicle somewhere.  That you have the right to use your God given talents to build up the body of a great society, by your sacrifice, toil and vision for your personal self-interests.

Law is that equal hand of justice which applies to all men and to all women.  Regardless of your demographic background, regardless of your last name and regardless of any possible categorization…this nation was founded on the rule of law.  It binds us together in this sense that all men are created equal and will be treated as such under the rule of law.  That there will not be two classes of people in this Republic:  one group who passes the laws and one group who must follow them.  This is an un-American ideal and it is not engraved in the DNA of our national character.

Lenard, the life of Brenda Lenard is testimony to what is possible by the presence of liberty and law in these United States of America.  Her life is an example of what individuals can do of their own accord, of their own will and of their own faith in a calling greater than their current circumstances.  For in the darkest moments when the dawn of a new day does not seem possible, by the grace of God who gave us a nation founded on the principles of liberty and the rule of law, via our Constitution, we can know that the sun will warm our faces, once again.



For who in the federal government has the right to tell the individual citizen, “no,” when it comes to the pursuit of a dream educational excellence?  Who in the federal government has the right to tell you the kind of life you will lead and how you will spend the overwhelming majority fruits of your labor?  Who in the federal government has the right to make you question the security of your family and of your personal property?

The answer is this; no one in the federal government has the right to tell the individual citizen to submit under the tyrannical authority of their subjective and unconstitutional actions…no one.

This is why the Lenard Campaign has three primary issues which reflect liberty, the rule of law and the life of Brenda Lenard, herself.

First, economy/taxes are essential to restoring liberty for the individual citizen and for applying the law, in the form of our tax codes, to all people equally.  That we want to encourage people with bright and brave new ideas to take risks in their quest to generate personal wealth.  For when people create personal wealth they also create societal wealth, which is good for everyone.  What must stop is the punitive tax code and the economy which is stagnant as a direct result of the federal government crushing the life out of the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans.  This must stop!

Every citizen should be free of intimidation when it comes to the tax code and every citizen should live in an economy that is brimming with opportunity and growth.  Naturally, there are economic cycles, but the state of the American people should never be made worse by their government.

Second, educational choice is of paramount importance for under the current system the average citizen does not have the resources to pay their taxes and the tuition fees for a private school.  The average citizen is forced into the monopoly which is our public school institutions and the resulting product of children and young adults who not only are unable to read, write or think critically, the result is a student populace which is indoctrinated with values that are often opposed to those of their parents or their pastors. 

Every citizen should have the liberty to send their children to those schools that not only get results, but also those which reflect their values as a family.  Children are one of the greatest gifts God can give; it is our duty as parents to ensure they are brought up in a way that we deem appropriate.  That the ability to send one’s child to the parent’s school of choice must not be granted only to the cultural or economic elite among us; rather, all Americans and all children should be in liberty, as granted by the rule of law, to pursue the best education possible.

Third, immigration/national security is the issue which allows all of the aforementioned to occur.  It is also that which has been delegated to the Federal Government by the states, what is commonly known as providing “…for the common defense.”  At this time our Federal Government is woefully lacking in its duties to secure our boarders and provide an environment which is secure, that in which commerce and daily life may occur unobstructed.

This is due to a myriad of interconnected issues, “Five Problematic Points”: 1) reducing military levels to pre-WWII levels; 2) not securing our boarders; 3) not enforcing VISAS to those visiting our nation; 4) not compensating active duty military personnel appropriately; 5) poor treatment of veterans and their families after their “tour of duty” has concluded.

Every citizen has the right to expect their Federal Government to live up to its obligations, under the Constitution.  This is not a complex equation, but it is an essential and vitally important one.  At present we have a Federal Government that is not only indifferent to the security of its citizens; it is actually hostile to the precious currency of our citizenship.

For evidence one need look no further than the debacle in Nevada where the Federal Government was willing to spend millions of dollars to collect a tax bill band to terrorize an American citizen and his family because he was allegedly breaking the law.  Yet this same Federal Government will not send a proportionate measure to secure our southern border and stop the inflow of illegal aliens who break our laws daily!

As a people, we must address the aforementioned five points of the problematic if we are to provide a secure and prosperous future for the next generations.  For if we do not, if we miss this opportunity to shore up our posture with the strength of principle, for legal immigrants, there will be no light of liberty left to which they can gather.



Herman Cain, former Presidential Candidate, remarked “Brenda, we need you in the United States Senate.

Here’s why…

Brenda Lenard is a Constitutional Conservative who believes in the bedrock principles of our Constitution as it affords all Americans liberty to pursue their ambitions and desires to the greatest heights of personal accomplishment.  Yet, at the same time, it assures all Americans that no matter how much one accomplishes in life the rule of law must be applied equally and without prejudice.  No citizen is above the law and no citizen is beneath the law, equality via the rule of law is of paramount importance.

Knowing these fundamental truths, those secured by our Constitution, endowed to us by our Creator, is not just a difference; it is an absolutely essential and critical difference.  Having this understanding and getting this cornerstone of our Republic correct is everything when it comes back to the business of restoring our nation to one of integrity, solvency and leadership.

Brenda Lenard, has without question the personal and professional strength of character needed to represent all Americans in such a way that the future of our great nation will be better, for it will be bolder and it will be made brighter.