• If you want peace, prepare for war;
  • The common defense of these United States is a Constitutional duty of the Federal government;
  • The current administration is cutting our military to pre-World War II levels;
  • In a multi-polar world with winds of change, freedom loving people are looking to Lady Liberty to stand strong;
  • This can only be done with a strong military, which can only be had by strong legislators who will speak out in defense of defense;
  • We must fully equip every serviceman and woman to accomplish the mission;
  • An advocate for future military systems, learning from past Afghanistan and Iraq.


Si vis pacem, para bellum…if you want peace, prepare for war.

On September 11th, 2001 America felt the scourge of war, in the form of a terrorist attack, on her soil for the first time since December 7th, 1941…both are days which will live infinitum; the response to these two events will forever define our nation.

After the tragedy of 9/11, one truth became clear as crystal…our nation must be prepared to combat radical elements both at home and abroad.  “Providing for the common defense” is a Constitutional duty of the federal government, as citizens, we must make sure they are committed to this obligation first and foremost.

Today, we exist in a multi-polar world, and as such, these are the most dangerous and perilous times seen in generations.  With clear alliances between Russia/Iran, China/North Korea and with increasing cooperation between Russia and China, this is no time for the liberty loving peoples of the world to be asleep at the wheel.  This is the time for Lady Liberty to stand strong to the winds of a changing world, anchored to the ordained principles outlined in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

In the face of this stark reality, why is the current administration reducing our military levels to pre-World War II levels?  Why is the current administration reducing the headcount within the U.S. Marine Corps, that some wonder if it is viable as a military unit, possibly unable to fulfill its purpose within the branches of our Armed Forces?

As a United States Senator, I am committed to the process of strengthening our national security and thereby ensuring that America remains a leader around the globe by advocating for both democracy and peace, each achieved through strength.

The United States Armed Forces must be able to prevail in the operations and the missions in which they are currently engaged.  They must do so with such confidence and take the field with such strength, so as to act as a deterrent for other radical elements who may be considering attacking American interests.

That we would be extraordinarily thrifty with blood and treasure it takes to stand for freedom and to protect our homeland…war is not a casual decision.  We do not know the full measure of sacrifice made by those men and women who serve in the military.   Nor that made by those who wait endlessly and pray without ceasing for the safe return of a loved one.

Never again should our soldiers rely on fundraisers and bake sales, held by family members back home, to receive the body armor needed to navigate the deadly arena of combat.  We will ensure that our troops have the training, equipment and support that they need, not just so they prove victorious in those arenas in which they find themselves when they are deployed, but so our brave men and women can return home to their families, their lives and their country.

I stand committed to advocate the development of future capabilities that will deter potential adversaries and provide a hedge against other risks and contingencies.  My policies and positions will incorporate “lessons learned” from our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan so that our history is something we do not repeat needlessly.

Si vis pacem, para bellum…if you want peace, prepare for war.