• Unemployment is at 12.7%
  • Middle Class has been the hardest hit with $4,300.00 annual decline in income
  • America must develop a business friendly environment which promotes hiring
  • All solutions must be market based, not bureaucrat based
  • We must reform regulatory agencies and remove the shackles from wealth creating entrepreneurs
  • We need a bold and coherent energy policy that contributes to economic growth
  • When Americans work, America prospers


When Americans work, America prospers, period.  Right now, Americans are not working and America is not prospering.

According to the U-6 report, our national unemployment rate is at a staggering 12.7%!  This takes into account those workers who are unemployed and seeking work, unemployed and not seeking work and those who are underemployed (working as little as 1 hour per week).

With millions and millions of able bodied Americans eager and ready for work, there should be no greater priority for our elected officials serving in our nation’s capital than creating a thriving economic environment that will help put our fellow Americans back to work.

As your United States Senator, one of my top priorities is to rapidly promote an environment that is business friendly, encourages productivity and innovation, supports educational opportunities, and affords all Americans the opportunity to achieve economic prosperity.

Those who are being the hardest hit are middle-income Americans.  Under my opponent’s leadership and under that of the current administration, middle-income Americans have seen their income decline by $4,300 annually.  During that same period of time gasoline prices have doubled while electric rates have increased, along with food prices and health care costs…all to the tune of $2,500 a family.

Job creation in the private sector is mission critical to our nation's economic growth and the revitalization of the American spirit. As the former CEO of a mid-size construction firm, I know the satisfaction found in the bond formed in paying good people a good wage for good work.   It’s the look of pride and satisfaction, the honor found in a handshake at the week’s end.

Above all else, this is why I am committed to supporting legislation that will ensure American businesses and their employees thrive, once again.  This begins with a broad range of market-based solutions that will help turn the economy around by encouraging private sector job creation and economic growth. 

Entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of our nation’s economy, but to make that heart pound strong and solid once more, in order to make true economic recovery a reality, we must reduce regulatory burdens imposed by government agencies!  We must reform our tax code; curb spending, increase exports by passing pending free trade agreements and create a bold new energy policy that permits America to utilize the resources already in her midst.  Those which will reduce our dependency on foreign oil, those which will put Americans back to work. 

When Americans work, America prospers, period.