• Education, it is crucial to our society, economy and future
  • Spending is not the issue, overreach by The Department of Education is the problem
  • Parents know what is best for THEIR children, answers are local, one size can’t fit all
  • We need innovation and new ideas, not more regulation and centralized control


Education, it is crucial to the vibrancy of our society, strength of our economy, and future of our students.  Without question it is the single most powerful antidote to poverty and the single most important determinant in our quest to be competitive on the international stage.  It produces not only skills for our economy, but also the foundation of knowledge for our Constitutional Republic.

More reckless government spending is not the remedy for what ails our educational system.  Rather, more liberty and more options from which to choose on the part of families and local schools systems is the solution. 

Specifically, my education reform plan focuses on and spurs the following:  1) K-12 schools will operate in transparency by reporting their performance; 2) quality teachers will be rewarded for their results; 3) parents enroll their children in the schools of their choosing.

Why should only the cultural and political elites, those with the financial resources or connections, be the ones to choose where their children attend school?

What is important and unique about my program is the fundamental belief that parents, working with the local school system, know what is best for their children.  After all, we are not buying ball caps or toilet seats, one size does not fit all and all parents must be at liberty to allocate their tax dollars to those school systems and institutions which they think will do the best job of educating their children.

High school graduates will have accessibility to post-secondary education and higher learning, no matter what iteration that may take.  This may take the form of college or university studies, but it may also take the form of advanced skills training at trade schools where our young people will learn the skills needed to create value for a world economy.  By the process of converting raw materials and purchased parts into finished goods…it is a process called manufacturing, it is process called construction.  Our educational institutions must support the needs of these sectors of our economy if we are to remain a vibrant and a free society.

At current, a flood of federal dollars and the absence of competitive market forces are driving up tuition and burdening far too many young Americans with substantial debt only to be welcomed in their quest for employment with too few opportunities.  However, with innovation instead of regulation, results instead of rhetoric, and accountable spending instead of just more reckless spending, we can restore America’s promise by ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

As your United States Senator, I will exhibit the leadership required to create effective education reform for students.  My tenure spent in academia is proof that I am willing and able to make tough decisions and put our students first.  I understand what it will take to restore the promise of America’s education system and, in so doing, ensure the nation’s long-term economic prosperity.