Immigration Reform Petition

While immigrants over the last 237 years have enriched the multiracial and multicultural fibers woven into the fabric of present day; I believe that in a country, such as America - founded upon laws, immigration policies should be enforced and our nation's greatest priority is to secure our borders, ensuring the safety of our citizens.

The Senate failed to do its job. Now Tell the House: "It's time to uphold the laws our nation have in place. Vote No on comprehensive immigration reform!”

 With over 4.4 million unemployed Americans, now is not the time, to grant amnesty to an estimated 12 million undocumented people who are currently living in the United States -- now more than ever before we need our representatives to take a stand that's in the best interest of our nation's economy and the American people. 

Demand your representative’s vote no for comprehensive immigration reform today!

Will you sign?